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My name is Clément Huylenbroeck.

I take pictures of things. 

I was born in Belgium and I still live there.


Gaume Image Festival

Liege Photo Book Festival

Photaumnales Festival

Festival Circulations

Galerie Satellite

Hors-Format bookstore

Arles Photo Festival

Foto Fever

Copenhagen Photo Festival

La médiatine


Brakke Grond

Festival Chambre avec vue

Mall Gallery, Renaissance Photography Award

Tour & Taxis

Photo Phnom Penh Festival



Gaîté Lyrique

Le cinéma des photographes (Arte)

On lâche les chiens

Les Nuits Photographiques de Paris



Photographic missions

Florenville, Photographic project for the Gaume Image Festival
Perwez, spinning of the play Anna Blume
Brussels, photo-reportage at the EU institution for t
he Irish Farmers Association Brussels

Jury member of the BSPF 
Court-Saint-Etienne, En l’air festival
institution for Irish Farmers Association Brussels, Canon Experience Days 
Brussels, ECAM end-of-year projects
Brussels, inauguration of the MAD

Ecaussines, photographic project for the youth center 
Brussels, Ante project
Belgium, spotting for the Benoît Mariage’s movie «les Rayures du Zèbre»
Brussels, financial support from Wallonie-Bruxelles Federation for «big shit» project 

Cantal, inventaire du présent, archives du futur (photographic mission supported by the Cantal general concil)
Louvain-La-Neuve, photographic mission with Eric Dessert

Publications, Interviews

RTBF, Plan Kult 
Le Monde website

Focus Le Vif
This is not a map - Poetry Wanted

France Culture radio

Mémoire Universelle 

Latent image 


One Giant Arm 

Aint-Bad Magazine 


the eye of photography

Nothing magazine
L’oeil de la photographie

La photo du jour 

FoMu .tiff magazine

Nouvelle gazette

Soldes fin de séries

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